Why is my coffee not vacuum packed?
Freshness and supply chain is very important to us at Koffee Kult. We package coffee directly out of the roaster cooling bin after roasting. We do not load the coffee into silos to off gas it for weeks then package and shipped to customers.
Packaging our coffee so quickly means it is still in the off gassing stage from roasting. We place the coffee in our signature bag with a one way degassing valve. While we do nitrogen flush the coffee to remove oxygen this does not remove all the gas in the bag. The coffee will off gas CO2 for a few weeks which escapes the bag thru the one way valve.
Coffee that is vacuum sealed and contains no gas in the bag is considered stale by our standards. If you receive coffee that looks like a packaged brick it is, use it for a door stop or such. Koffee Kult PROMISES so not sell you stale coffee that looks like a brick.