Coffee freshness is a subjective subject, this is a very heated topic with many answers non of witch are right for everyone. As with all the answers there are many variables that change the answers.

The "General Rule" of freshness most high end coffee connoisseur follow:

  • Use within 15 days of roasting
  • Brew within 15 minutes of grinding
  • Drink within 15 minutes of brewing

Now Koffee Kult agrees with this for the most part.

Some things to consider:

Packaging - Koffee Kult uses a nitro flushed sealed bag, the lab says our coffee is good in there for 2 years, we say 6 months

StorageĀ - Air tight container is best, our standard packaging has a zipper to seal the bag after opening

After brewing - There are some many types of brew methods that we drink cold brew that clearly does not have to be drankĀ 

Drink within 15 minutes of brewing - This really comes down to taste and coffee quality.

Hope this helps, it basically comes down to what you like and do not.