Coffee Storage

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Storing your Koffee Kult coffee correctly can help maintain freshness.

To quickly address freshness, it is subjective it is not the same for everyone.

On to storing your Koffee Kult coffee beans. You may notice all our coffee comes in an awesome bag. Not only do our bags look cool they are practical as well. Included is a zipper to keep oxygen out after opening. The one way valve lets coffee degas while being shipped to you. We do remove 99.9% of the oxygen out of the bag to preserve the coffee as long as it is sealed in the bag.

We remove the oxygen out of our packaging with nitrogen, the most common gas in the world. Oxygen is what causes coffee and other foods to loose their freshness. To keep it simple oxygen allows food to break down faster. 

 Since we now know oxygen is not coffees friend you can keep your coffee fresh longer by keeping it away from you beans. We suggest using the packaging the coffee is shipped in. You can squeeze the air our of the bag once sealed with the zipper.  

If you feel like using something other than the standard packaging any airtight container will work. If you would like something fancy try one of our Koffee Kult airtight storage canister the you can push the air out of. You can purchase one HERE

*Things to know 

  • It is scientifically unproven storing coffee in the refrigerator / freezer helps freshness 
  • Oxygen is coffees enemy
  • Store coffee at room temperature
  • Store coffee in a dim or dark location

Drink coffee and share it with your friends there is no reason to be hoarding great Koffee Kult.


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